Why are you doing this project?

It is part of the mission of Indiana Entertainment Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the legacy of Indiana music, broadcasting, and film.  Find out more at www.indianafound.org.

Has it ever been done before?

No.  There are many books, articles, Facebook groups, and web pages in existence that cover aspects of Indiana music, but there is no comprehensive documentation of Indiana musical artists anywhere.

Why don’t you just write a book instead?

A book containing all this information would be thousands of pages and then, you would have to buy it; this site is completely free.  Plus, the web allows for listings to be cross linked and searchable, where a book does not.

Why is a certain artist/musician/business not listed even though they should be?

The site will will never be 100% complete as there is always new information available.  To maintain focus, we have broken the project into a few phases which will proceed chronologically:

Phase 1: Better known artists and businesses from 1900-1990
Phase 2: Lesser known artists and businesses from 1900-1990
Phase 3: Better known artists and businesses from 1990-2010
Phase 4: Lesser known artists and businesses from 1990-2010
Phase 5: Artists and business beginning 2010

We are currently midway through Phase 1.  There will be some overlap between phases.

Note: musical artists without a recording credit are hard to track, but if we become aware of them, they will get a listing.  Feel free to use the submission form to add to our knowledge base.

How do you know if an artist or business is from Indiana?

We will include artists and businesses if it can be determined that they have a bona fide Indiana connection, and we tend toward being inclusive.  See the Scope page for specifics.

Where do you get your information?

We have a large collection of Indiana vinyl, CD’s and tapes, and some partial databases of LP and 45 releases. We have researched Indiana music for more than a decade. We have read most of the existing books on the subject. We use the web, Discogs, Facebook, eBay and volunteers to add and verify information. Please feel free to provide what you know, none of us know anywhere close to everything.

I see a mistake in a listing.  What should I do?

Please comment on that listing with your correction, and we will update the listing.

Can I add listings directly to the site?

Due to spammers and hackers, we have to keep the site locked down.  If you want to suggest a listing, go here.  Please keep in mind that we are not doing listings of post 1990 artists at this time, but we will be glad to get the information for future use.  Should you be interested in becoming a volunteer site editor, please contact us.

Can I add my band or business?

Feel free to suggest a listing by using the “suggest a listing” form.  We cannot guarantee when it will be added but very much appreciate you sharing information.

Can I add information or images to listings?

Yes.  Each listing has a comment feature, and you can add recollections, information, and digital images.  Comments are manually approved to prevent spam, so please be patient if you add a comment, it will not immediately appear.

Do you accept donations of records, CD’s, tapes, and music memorabilia?

Yes!  Please navigate to this form and let us know what you have.  All donations are fully tax deductible as Indiana Entertainment Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  One of our projects is to build a strong collection of Indiana music in physical form.

Do you need help?

Yes!  Please let us know if you are interested via the contact form, and specifically what you can help with.  Mostly we need content researchers, writers, and editors.  We would also welcome an experienced WordPress developer.

Do you generate revenue from Indiana Musicpedia?

It is a volunteer effort of Indiana Entertainment Foundation, a nonprofit organization.  Donations to underwrite expenses are welcome.