sample listing ebony rhythm funk campaignEach listing provides a snapshot of an artist’s work or a business’s impact, including a bio, images, and links to further reading, such as Wikipedia, Musical Family Tree, 60’s Indiana Band Szene, and artist websites.  Discographies are provided via link to A YouTube video, when available, is embedded at the bottom so you can sample music right from the listing.

Below each listing are “tags” which link to related entries.  For example, if you click on a tag for New Albany, that brings up all listings tagged with New Albany.   Each listing’s categories are also shown at bottom–region, genre for artists and type of business for music businesses, and decades active, along with social media share buttons.

We strive to verify information is accurate, but if you can provide clarification, please either comment directly on the listing (preferred), or send us a message via the site contact form.  If you would like to submit photos, posters, flyers or other images, you can do that from the comment form, as well as your memories, stories, etc.

Many listings are incomplete but we are adding new ones daily, and there are many more artists and businesses that are not yet listed.   Probably there will be 10,000 or more listings as the site grows.

Note: to facilitate alphabetic order, we have dropped “The” from all band names.