We’ve always planned for your input and assistance; no matter how much we dig on the internet, there is no substitute for your experiences and knowledge.  So yes, we would love to have your help.

Where we most need help right now is verification of the accuracy, and additions to the listings that are fully completed. There are not that many yet, but we are adding more each day.  On those listings, please make a comment and add your information, recollections, stories, images, etc.

For the vast number of incomplete listings, rather than having you give us information, we’d prefer that you add recollections, stories and images that will enhance the listing long-term.  Once we fill out the information on the listing, then having verification of info or corrections will be helpful.

We have a large database of listings that have yet to be added and it will be months if not longer before our information database is exhausted.  Nonetheless, assume we do not and feel free to send your suggestion.  Please note that post 1990 listings are not being added at this time, so that we can focus on completing pre-1990 content.

Suggest listings by going here. Please use the search box to see if your suggestion is already on the site before submitting the form.

Meantime, we can always use volunteer help to work on listings. If that’s of interest, please let us know here.

Thank you!