How does one define “Indiana music”?

Indiana borders three large metropolitan areas–Chicago, Cincinnati and Louisville–where musical activity crossed state lines.  The proximity of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Dayton also is a factor. Therefore, many artists and businesses have a foot in multiple states.  We tend toward being inclusive.

Like many states, Indiana has served as an exporter of its best talent, with artists relocating to advance their careers in larger markets.  People are often surprised to learn that many big names associated with Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville and New York City have Indiana roots.

Entries will be included if there is a documented Indiana connection. Examples:

      • Born in Indiana
      • Lived in Indiana for one year or more
      • Attended school in Indiana
      • Recording released by Indiana label
      • Band includes Indiana member(s)
      • Businesses with an Indiana location even if the company HQ is elsewhere


Time Frame: Initially we’ll focus mostly on activity up to 1990, with full expansion into the 2020’s in the near future.