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Neil Sharrow

Frank Haney is also the son of a former IU School of Music professor, trombonist Lewis V. Haney.
Astrosurf began as a studio project, then became a performing band in 1981. About half the album is from the original studio sessions with Dale Johnson on guitar, bassists Rick Kinser and John Stith, and backing vocals by Judy Montgomery, Michael White and Ribbon Rail engineer Lenny Springer; the rest of the tracks have me on bass, David Grissom on guitar and Kathleen O’Neal on vocals. Long-time Haney associate Keith Cronin played drums on all tracks. After the album was released, P.K. Lavengood was added as a second lead guitarist. The full band was active until late 1981, when Haney moved to Chicago. Grissom and Lavengood then formed a new band with me on bass and Greg Vance on drums, calling it Last Safari. In 1983 we reunited with Haney on a double-billed one gig at Jake’s in Bloomington, with both Astrosurf and Last Safari. In late 1983, Last Safari morphed into the popular trio Rods and Cones, with Lavengood, Dave Merris and Russ Levitt, but that’s another story.

All of the former Astrosurf members should get individual MusicPedia listings:
Haney continues to make and release recordings in Chicago.
Grissom moved to Austin, Texas in 1983 and has played and toured with Joe Ely, John Mellencamp, Dixie Chicks, Buddy Guy, the Allman Brothers Band and many others, as well as being a successful Nashville songwriter.
Lavengood has lived in New Jersey and played with John Eddie and others.
Cronin has played with Pat Travers, Clarence Clemons and numerous others.
Kathleen O’Neal is a professional singer and teacher.